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now Woven

We have rebranded

INK Digital is now Woven.

Our new website is now in beta at woven.agency. We think it's looking fabulous, but we still have quite a bit of content to migrate. Please do check it out; we'd love to hear your feedback. We're leaving the existing INK site online for a brief period, so you can still read about the full breadth of our work and service offering. Stay updated via our blog and social channels and we'll let you know when we've fully migrated to Woven.

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We’re super lucky to work with lovely people and amazing brands. The harder we work the luckier we seem to get. From well known global brands to perfectly formed rising stars, all our clients have one thing in common, a challenge they need to overcome and a team of brilliant people who make it fun to work with.

This isn’t everyone we work with, but its a beautifully formed selection. If you would like to talk about your challenges, we’d love to listen and help you figure out a creative solution. We’re a true global creative agency with studios in England and Australia working within any timezone.

A few names you may recognise


They may not be a household name (yet) but we are expecting big things from these lovely people.


“Fantastic agency that has shown the ability to work with my company that is positioned globally. They field remote calls and meetings from any location without issue. It is a joy to work with INK who can work through multiple time zones and help coordinate global marketing projects for my team.” Graham at RAE

Do you like what you see? We’d be delighted if you’d get in touch.  We make a fabulous cuppa and love to listen.

Geeks & Hipsters

We're a talented & friendly bunch of hard working, creative and clever digital people.

Mark, Client Services Director

Mark is a top bloke with extensive experience in the business and believe us, he really knows his stuff! He does a wonderful job looking after our lovely clients and brings so much to the INK team too.

- Mark, Client Services Director
Vick, Executive Strategist

Vick makes sure all our clients are super happy and keeps our exciting projects on track.  She’s really positive and lovely to work with.

- Vick, Executive Strategist
Steph, Strategist

Steph is fantastic at understanding our clients’ requirements and keeping our projects on track. She’s also super organised and a lovely lass to work with.

- Steph, Strategist