We were approached by The Berkeley Group, thanks to our extensive experience in the property sector, and were thrilled to get to work understanding the brand’s audience, their habits and online engagement.

We set up several social listening channels to build up a detailed picture of Berkeley’s customers and target audience online.

Our extensive research proved invaluable when we were alerted to a potentially damaging situation. A promotional video for a new development was receiving an extremely negative reaction on social media and in the press; working fast, we alerted Berkeley to the situation, removing the video within minutes. We were also able to control and diffuse the situation in the best way possible, resulting in minimum damage to the brand and helping to shape all future communications.

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Geeks & Hipsters

We're a talented & friendly bunch of hard working, creative and clever digital people.

Mark, Client Services Director

Mark is a top bloke with extensive experience in the business and believe us, he really knows his stuff! He does a wonderful job looking after our lovely clients and brings so much to the INK team too.

- Mark, Client Services Director
Vick, Executive Strategist

Vick makes sure all our clients are super happy and keeps our exciting projects on track.  She’s really positive and lovely to work with.

- Vick, Executive Strategist
Dan, Creative

Dan is really fun and super positive. He works alongside our fabulous creative team to create amazing digital solutions for our lovely clients.

- Dan, Creative