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We were delighted to be approached by Hotpoint to review their digital engagement strategy for a core range of products. Following an intensive workshop we produced this exciting, strategic and fun campaign to create an exciting buzz. Covering everything from guerrilla tactics to social awareness and collaboration, we created the ‘Waste Less Revolution’.

Hotpoint brand building and engagement workshop

A beautifully positive online and offline campaign strategy to boost brand awareness and encourage engagement.

creating a buzz

The Waste Less Revolution campaign was all about wasting less time, money and energy doing chores around the home and spending this in a better way. Did you know you waste a whole weekend drying laundry on radiators? But if you had a fabulous new Hotpoint tumble dryer, that time would be saved to do something more fun.

We introduced the Win Your Weekend Back competition to run across social media channels and encourage people to spend their time, money and energy more wisely. Hotpoint’s products allow you to save on all three of these things, so what would you rather be doing? By purchasing a Hotpoint product, you would be entered into the competition to win a weekend break away for you and your family or vouchers and tickets to weekend events and activities around the UK.

We also introduced the 25th Hour. By saving just an hour a day not doing the washing up as you have a shiny new Hotpoint dishwasher, you can effectively add an extra hour of something fun into your day instead. So how would you spend your 25th hour?

Hotpoint digital marketing

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Dan, Creative

Dan is really fun and super positive. He works alongside our fabulous creative team to create amazing digital solutions for our lovely clients.

- Dan, Creative
Steph, Strategist

Steph is fantastic at understanding our clients’ requirements and keeping our projects on track. She’s also super organised and a lovely lass to work with.

- Steph, Strategist
Dulcie, Marketing Campaign Manager

Our Marketing Campaign Manager, Dulcie, is fab at creating campaigns that convert – she’s awesome to have around our busy studio.

- Dulcie, Marketing Campaign Manager