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After being delighted with our creative approach to a series of infographics we created for them, the experts at Sage asked us to design and build an interactive infographic to highlight the key features of its software for accountants.

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This project was all about telling a story. We worked out how all the elements fitted together, planned how this would include the various products it needed to and from there, each scene was hand-drawn. We really pushed and challenged the boundaries on this project and in return, have produced a beautifully-designed animated parallax experience.

Sage INK Digital

When navigating down the page, the parallax animation seamlessly moves from one scene to the next. The user is taken on a super engaging experience while learning about the perks of the products within Sage’s Practice Suite.

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We're a talented & friendly bunch of hard working, creative and clever digital people.

Georgia, Creative

Georgia works alongside our awesome creative team to provide beautiful creative solutions, she’s a proper nice lass and always super positive.

- Georgia, Creative
Dan, Creative

Dan is really fun and super positive. He works alongside our fabulous creative team to create amazing digital solutions for our lovely clients.

- Dan, Creative
Mark, Client Services Director

Mark is a top bloke with extensive experience in the business and believe us, he really knows his stuff! He does a wonderful job looking after our lovely clients and brings so much to the INK team too.

- Mark, Client Services Director